Best Augmented Reality Games for Android and iPhone

Here in this article, we bring to you the list of best Augmented Reality games for Android and iPhone.

The reality games are back again. This time with a bang! Last time, circa 1990, when Nintendo developed the first Virtual Reality (VR) game Nintendo Virtual Boy, this boy was bullied and beaten in the international market. But, VR’s brother Augmented Reality (AR) is in the market to avenge his brother’s injustice. It provides an escape from the real world by interacting with virtual objects around the gamer.

But since the boom of AR games for Android and other platforms, a plethora of them has evolved. You might have missed several of them, but you cannot afford to miss the following Augmented Reality Games:

Best Augmented Reality games

1. Pokémon GO

Augmented Reality games

Wait, wait, wait! Stop the car. I have to catch a Pokémon! This has become a cliché now. When we were children, we loved Pokémon. Since the childhood, we wanted to be Ash. We wanted to own Pikachu. But, it was not a reality then. These dreams were obviously broken. After a long period, in 2016, Niantic has nudged our fading dreams. Now, anyone can be Ash! Anyone can catch Pikachu.

Even after the status of an actual Augmented Reality game is debatable against PokemonGó, but it is the first venture that has brought the public in the vicinity of Augmented Reality games. After seeing public catching Pokemon on the streets, there has been a talk to build Pokemon parks.

When this augmented reality game for android was launched, its server could not compete with public’s enthusiasm. Server broke down! But not the zeal of the public. PokemonGó has revolutionized the way we have played games till now!

Gotta catch `em all!

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2. Clandestine Anomaly

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If there is anything that comes closer to PokemonGó, it should be Clandestine: Anomaly. It is one of the best location based AR games for android and iOS platform. If you were once set off in fear and trepidation that your city would be attacked. Well, unfortunately, your fear has come true! The advanced technology has been used in Clandestine: Anomaly to supplement your actual childhood fear.

It has an interesting story plot as well to make you believe that yes, it is TRUE. You have to fight the subterranean inter-galactic wars to learn the actual place of humanity in the whole universe. Wherever you are, you can start playing Clandestine Anomaly in the comfort of your favorite beanbag or you can just walk around in your garden to have air-strikes over your head. Now, don’t tell me that it has not sent you shivers down your spine!

Download Clandestine Anomaly – Android | iOS 

3. Ingress

Best AR games Android

First launched on iOS platform, Ingress, a mysterious yet intriguing game has now become one of the best AR games for android as well. This game is developed by Niantic Inc., a Google division, which promises to give a thrilling experience to find out the functioning of a cryptic power that has been unearthed lately by the scientist of your world.

This globally played AR game has addicted gamers worldwide. You have to move in your real world to experience the virtual gaming world. You can have certain objects for your help, or you can use advanced technology to make the best of your time in Ingress.

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4. Zombies, Run!

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Zombies, Run! is one of the first games to incorporate AR technology. The only way to save yourself in this game is to run for real. You literally have to get dressed up to run outside. Zombies, Run! can be a great motivating element to keep your running on your gym treadmill. It works even when you are strolling in your beautiful garden or you are running on a beach. You have to save your city and build a base from its survivors. This Augmented Reality game is free but you can upgrade to pro for unlimited playing. The detailed statistics of your past play makes this game more interesting to play.

Download Zombies, Run! – Android | iOS

 5. Parallel Kingdom MMO

Augmented Reality Games

It is one of the earliest game to implement AR in mobile gaming. Since then, it has come a long way. This app has been regularly updated to keep its gamers exciting about the game. It is location based AR game for Android and iOS, which locates your character on an inbuilt map filled with deadly monsters and mythical beasts. You have to lead your army, conquer a city and claim it as your own. You need to slay deadly beasts in dark dungeons. But the problem is you cannot play this in your bed; you have to go to your backyard or any other place. Well, this is not actually a problem but a beauty of AR games! We surely recommend installing this game on your smartphone as Parallel Kingdom MMO enables you to compete against iOS users if you are an Android robot and vice versa.

Download Parallel Kingdom MMO – Android | iOS

6. Dead Space

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Dead space was one of the best Augmented Reality games of its time. We cannot deny its popularity even today. It is horror 3D game in which the player controls an engineer named Isaac. Dead Space is a third-person horror game that makes it more interesting than others. Isaac has to use repurposed engineering tools to tackle his enemies. The best thing about Dead Space is that Isaac is not provided any weapons to confront his cruel enemies.

The Augmented Reality is going to change the way we play, says HoloLens developer. There were some Augmented Reality games for PC that failed miserably but today even many gamers have argued that the conventional games are walking on a cul-de-sac because a dearth of innovation in conventional games while having a scope of an actual development in Augmented and Virtual Reality Games is what is going to define the gaming in the future.

With the rapid development by prominent companies of the world like Microsoft and Google, those fortune days are not far when the Augmented Reality Games would become a convention in the future. With an increasing popularity of Pokémon Gó, it has been proved again that games to incorporate Augmented and Virtual Reality technology would be a success in a near future.